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Window Treatments that are Right for You

Beautiful Master Bedroom

Window Treatments say a lot about a home and its style. When you’re beginning to think about window treatments for your home, there are a few things to consider.


Of course, fabric is the foundation of the drape, but the type of fabric sets the tone. If your new window treatments are in your bedroom, you may want a heavier fabric to block out the lights and sounds. If your window treatments are in a living area or den, you may want something more light and airy, think sheers or linen, since it’s where you spend your daylight hours.


The header is how you hang your window treatments. Yes, even the way you hang your curtains speaks to the formality of your room. A pleated header is a more formal style that adds a sense of luxury to your window treatments.This technique is done on everything from sheers to the heaviest of drapes. Other styles that may suit your style are grommets, which are built into the top of the curtain and fit on most rods, and ring and clasp. Both of these styles add a more casual feel to your window treatments.


You’ve seen the interior design magazines with pools of fabric on the floor, which are gorgeous, but you need to think about how you’re using your drapes. If your window treatments are stationary, meaning you won’t open and close them, then a pool of fabric is beautiful. Standard length for pooling is approximately a half inch. If you will open and close your drapes, allowing the drapes to skim the floor, approximately pooling one-quarter inch, allows you to use your drapes with ease.

Thinking through how you want to use your drapes will give you the most beautiful look, whether formal or comfy and casual.

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