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Window Treatment Rhetoric

What’s The Difference Between Curtains and Drapes?

Do you know the answer? Read on and I will tell you this and more…

As we approach spring, it is time to consider fresh window treatments for your home. Choosing window treatment options can be overwhelming and confusing if you are not sure of the difference between drapes, curtains, blinds, etc.

At Gamino Décor we always want our customers to make the best decorating decisions, so we put together this window treatment guide. This information, inspired by Interior Designer– Karrie Kelly from Sacramento, CA, will help you confidently navigate through your window treatment decisions this year.

Getting Started

One of the general factors to consider when choosing window treatments is how much light you want to have in the room. If you like it bright — light colored, sheer fabrics would be best. If you like to block most of the sunlight — thicker fabrics with textures and colors would be better.Once you have decided on your preferred colors and textures, it is time to get into the specifics of window treatment options.

Curtains & Drapes

Curtains and drapes are often confused with one another, so what is the difference? How the fabric is attached at the top is what differentiates the two.

Curtains hang from a rod by tabs or rings, or the fabric is gathered across it. They are opened and closed by hand and can be any length.

Drapes are pleated panels that attach to slides on a rod. Unlike curtains, you do not manually open and close them– you move them along the track by pulling a cord.

Drapes come in countless styles. For a modern, clean look – use drapes that drop straight to the ground and just slightly touch the floor. For a more elegant, luxurious look try drapes that gather and fold onto the floor several inches, or drapes that are dramatically ruched at the bottom.

Shades, Blinds, & Shutters

Shades serve a more practical purpose by controlling privacy and the amount of light allowed in the room. Shades are a great solution for small windows that would be overwhelmed by drapes and curtains because they are tailored to the window for a cleaner look.

Blinds and shutters are adjustable by a string or bar and allow for gradual variations of outdoor light. There are now many styles and textures of blinds and shutters that allow your windows to maintain a classy look.

It’s all About You…

Window treatments are an essential aspect of the room and an extension of you. They can help pull all of the elements of a room together and enhance the overall visual experience. So now that you have brushed up on your window treatment terminology, it’s time to create that new look for your windows!

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