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Why You Should Use Leather!


Leather is a wonderful material to use for furniture. Whether you plan on buying a new piece of furniture or reupholstering what you already have, leather has many benefits. First and foremost, high quality leather is extremely durable. Leather is timeless and always in style, and this natural fabric also provides strength and flexibility, two qualities that are very important for furniture in your home.

There are many different types of leather available in a variety of colors. The most important aspect you will need to consider when reupholstering or shopping for new furniture is the leather grain. Leather grain is the surface material that determines the quality and feel of the leather.

Here are some different types of leather grains used on sofas.

  • Faux – This is man-made “leather” created from synthetic materials, such as plastic. This material is durable, looks very similar to leather and is the cheapest option.
  • Bonded – This is just one step above faux leather, containing only 17% true leather. Leather scraps and fibers are mixed together and formed into a roll using bonding materials. It’s highly durable and significantly cheaper than real leather.
  • Top Grain – This leather is taken from the outer layers of the hide and is considered the toughest type. It is usually buffed to remove imperfections and will typically be more expensive. However, the leather is extremely soft and long lasting.
  • Nubuck – This leather is a top grain rawhide that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, leaving it with an appearance similar to velvet or suede. This is a fragile leather and requires careful maintenance.
  • Full Grain – This type is formed just by removing hair present on the hide skin. The whole hide is used, rather than layers. This type tends to look and feel better with time.

Whether you choose to purchase new leather furniture, or reupholster old furniture that you already own, GAMINO Décor can help! We specialize in custom upholstery using the finest leather and also sell leather imported furniture. If you would like to purchase a luxurious leather hide for your own project, we now offer a leather selection on SHOP GAMINO.

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