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What do Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Furniture and Upholstery have in Common?

Did you ever notice how one thing tends to lead to another?

Years ago I used to sell antiques.
Often, the antiques I found needed to be reupholstered.
The problem was I had difficulty finding someone to reupholster the pieces to my standards …

So, I decided to study upholstery.
I apprenticed and worked hard.
I practiced on my own antiques until the furniture started coming out the way I liked it.

In fact, others liked my work, as well…
Fellow antique dealers began to ask me to reupholster furniture for them.
Eventually, Gamino Upholstery & Décor was born.

Before long, we started getting projects that not only needed upholstery, but also required repair and refinishing. I began to expand my team.

Then one by one the scope of work expanded – a designer would ask us to create a custom chair – a customer would ask us to modify a sofa – a decorator would need to have a piece fully refinished.

Over time we built a team of craftsmen who are as particular about quality as I am.

Custom furniture led to custom shelving and cabinets, which led to entire kitchens. Check out our Gallery:

So what do kitchen cabinets, custom furniture, and upholstery have in common? Gamino Décor:

I love what I do … I would love to do it for you!


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