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Transform a Room with Window Treatments

Window treatments can do more for a room than you ever thought possible. They can create the illusion of a big open space, or turn a bright room into a cozy and cool retreat. No matter what sort of space you’re trying to create, Gamino Window Treatments can help you find the best fabrics and styles for your room. Check out some of my favorite window treatment effects below.

–  Wide open windows: Window treatments that hang from the top of the room to the floor will make windows look bigger and brighter while simultaneously making the room look taller. It’s a great way to open up a small room.

Custom Window Treatements

–  Hideaway storage space: Built in shelves are so helpful, but not always pleasing to the eye. They can make a neat room look immediately cluttered and small. Putting window treatments in front of storage space can give the illusion of a hidden window, as opposed to letting your messy items pour all over the room.

Green Window Treatements

–  Brighten a dark space: Silk drapes give a lustrous look to any room, making a regularly dark and dim room look full of light and air. Pleating the silk will add even more light and dimension to any cave-like space.

Decorative Window Treatments

Gamino Window Treatments has all of the fabrics and styles you could ever want for your room. Contact us today to get the best treatments for your windows!

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