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The Need for Balance

If you hadn’t noticed, balance is a key aspect in your life! From multitasking your schedule to interior design, balance matters! So as you begin decorating for the spring season, make sure you are maintaining a balanced look in your house.

Here are a few tips to consider when designing:

  • Symmetry is essential. While everything doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) perfectly symmetrical, it is important to have a few key pieces of your room symmetrical. Matching accent chairs are an easy way to add more color for the spring while adding the symmetrical look your room craves.
  • If you have a large piece of décor on the center of a table or wall, offset it with something smaller. This maintains balance while keeping the focus on your centerpiece. This also prevents a bare look and is less predictable than a symmetrical look. Struggling to find the perfect offset piece? A custom furniture piece may be your solution.
  •  Balance with colors! If your decor or furniture clashes, bring it together by incorporating the same color. If your furniture doesn’t match, perhaps it’s time to reupholster your couch and choose a fabric that matches your other furniture. Perhaps your favorite piece of furniture is something you can’t part with but doesn’t match anything else… Create matching window treatments! This creates a cohesive look for your room and now makes that one piece of furniture belong.

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