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The Magic Of Metal In Your Decor


Using metallic colors is a fun and different way to decorate your space. All metallic colors are neutral, so when it comes to mixing, you can make it work! Mixing metals creates an industrial look while still leaving you the ability to create a warm feel with fabrics and colors.  

While many designers once considered mixing metals a no-go, things have drastically changed within recent years. Why choose to mix metals? It creates a sense of richness and character.

Mixing metals also creates a sense of depth to a room. Using one metal throughout a room can cause the space to fall flat. So how do you successfully mix metals to make the colors in your room complement one another? Follow these tips to create a one of a kind space!

  • Warm/Cool a Room – Using a finish such as gold or brass in a room of cool colors (blue/ gray) will make the space feel warmer. On the other hand, using cooler finishes like nickel or chrome in a room filled with warm colors (orange/ terracotta) will give it a cooler feel.
  • Metals in Kitchens and Bathrooms – Brass has made a comeback within recent years. This antique looking metal will look great when paired with stone or tile work.
  • Large Lighting Fixtures – Consider using an oversized polished copper pendant in dining areas that will contrast beautifully with chrome chair legs and cabinet pulls. You can also try introducing a bronze colored pendant that will pair well with espresso wood furniture.
  • Go Subtle – Mixing metals does not have to be a bold choice. You can contrast a bronze accent color with a slightly silver décor piece to create a subtle look with warm metals.

Every room needs a little shine! Experiment with metals in your home to find which pieces complement your décor. Upload your photos to our facebook to show off your home’s metal mixology!

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