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Small-Space Solutions for Your Home

small room decor

If you live in an apartment or townhome, it may not contain your ideal square footage. However, there are plenty of tips to trick the eye into thinking your space is larger than it actually is. While working with small rooms, making the most of your space is all about creativity.

To avoid the high cost and stress of remodeling, consider these tips to maximize space and make your home inviting.

  • Living Room – Choosing bulky furniture for a small living room can easily make the room look crammed. Try to find neatly upholstered pieces with compact frames and slimmed-down pieces without skirted bottoms. This will allow you to see through them to the walls and floors. A helpful decorating idea for a small space is using large mirrors on the walls with decorative frames- creating elegance and the illusion of depth in a small space.
  • Kitchen – To add a sense of space in a small kitchen, opt for a glass dining table rather than a solid colored one. A dining table with a glass top virtually disappears, creating the idea of a more open eating area.
  • Bathroom – Small bathrooms with limited natural lighting can seem nearly impossible to open up. However, using very light colors will allow the light to bounce around the room. Light, bright rooms naturally feel larger than dark rooms.
  • Bedroom – If you choose not to sacrifice the size of your bed for extra storage space, consider purchasing a bedframe that contains built in drawers. These hidden storage units are a great substitute for additional dressers, and conveniently do not take up any more room than your bed. If you do not have the budget for a new frame with drawers, invest in or create your own bed skirt to hide shallow plastic storage bins that fit nicely under your bed.
  • For Any Room – Make any space in your home look larger by using the right window treatments. Light, sheer window treatments create a more open and elegant effect in the room. To make a small room feeler taller, use vertical lines that lead the eye from the floor to the ceiling.

Don’t let your small living space inhibit you from designing an inspirational home that fits your style!

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