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Shedding A Light On Window Treatments

Window Treatments

You want a fresh look for your window treatments, but don’t know where to begin figuring out what will work best in your home. There are many factors that contribute to choosing window treatments, including style, colors, patterns, textures, and so on. This blog will provide some tips to shed light on how you can update your window treatments.

Determine the Length

If you are looking for window treatments in a room other than the kitchen, floor length is generally recommended. However, it doesn’t just stop there. You have probably been in homes where the curtains are too long for the wall and bunch up when they hit the floor. That can be an intentional style, but must be done very carefully. In order to achieve a clean, tailored window treatment look, make sure that your curtain length ends either just before or just as it hits the floor. If you prefer shorter curtains, find a measurement that places the end of your curtains at the window sill.

Go for Simplicity

The minimalistic approach is IN for window treatments. Take off those heavy shades that add clutter to the look of the room and replace them with simple, elegant shades. Simple does NOT mean boring. You can still make your windows stand out with less fabric.

Keep it Light

Choose curtains or drapes that do not block the natural sunlight. A light, sheer material is a good start, and you can add patterned fabric to your windows as well for a splash of color.

Consider some Curves

Going with straight window treatments is a safe choice, and though it looks great for some rooms, choosing something with curves might add a lot of character to the room. There are many different styles that incorporate curves, while allowing you to still maintain a simple look.

Finding window treatments best suited for your windows and unique taste can be very overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to ask experts in that industry for some guidance. GAMINO Décor will review the window treatment options with you and help you pick the perfect fabrics to complement your room.

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