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Green OttomanI was recently speaking with a friend who told me “No one even knows what an ottoman is anymore! Could this be true?

One of the most used items in contemporary homes today is the “ottoman”. That’s because they are used for more than a foot rest. I have made them with shallow storage  compartments to hold magazines and electrical controllers as well as totally hallowed out compartments to house pillows and toys. Ottomans have come to full functionality for the amount of time we spend relaxing in front of the television. I have seen them put together like a 4 part puzzle piece, having integrated stools which immediately provide additional seating and I have seen them with table trays incorporated in the top surface making it  dual function as a hard surface center coffee table. Because of its low height, an ottoman is often a welcoming piece of furniture for children. They easily identify it as a resting place for them and most of the time it is quite durable (just in case someone has the idea to leap from the top of it)! Of course, sometimes we just need a foot rest. Custom ottomans are perfect for loveseats which often time do not come with that additional option. In any case, I hope I have shared enough knowledge so that the time does not come when people don’t recognize the word “ottoman”. It is a wonderful addition to any family room and adds to the sense of cozy and practicality however it is used.

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