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Inspiration in Color

inspiration in colorColor says a lot about you. Color can explain a mood or feeling, so use it as your inspiration when you’re planning out your décor.

Know the Mood of Your Room
Color sets an energy tone. Shades of yellow and orange give a bright, sunny feeling to your room. Greens, blues, and greys set a more calming tone. Are you updating a living room where you’ll want bright colors that evoke energy? Or are you in a bedroom where you want colors that exude calm and rest?

Start with a Paint Color Book
Paint sample color books or fans are found at most every paint store, many of which are free of charge. Take it home and study the array of colors. What colors draw you in?

Once you know what colors you find most attractive, play with the shades. Do you like the saturated colors or those with just a hint of tint? Would you like a monochromatic look in your home or do you want to mix it up with some complimentary tones? Many people like to make a bold statement with their walls and go with a more timeless color for their furniture since it’s much easier to change paint. Others want to make a statement with every element.

No matter the color—white to black and red to blue—or your style—classic or contemporary—color makes a statement and it’s the place to start.

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