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How to Coordinate Fabrics for Your Furniture

These four steps will help you coordinate fabrics for your upholstered furniture. If you follow these simple guidelines, then your sofa, chairs, ottomans, and throw pillows will contribute to an overall look of effortless sophistication.

1. Choose your most complex pattern first. This will go on pillows, an accent chair, or an ottoman.

2. Choose a less complex complementary pattern for a second chair, if needed. This pattern should be similar to the first in colors and scale.

3. If needed, choose a pattern for another chair or pillows. Stick to similar colors and scale.

4. Last, choose the body cloth for the sofa.  This should usually be a solid color that matches one of the more prominent colors from your first pattern.

Remember that large scale patterns look best on large pieces of furniture and vice versa.

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