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I want to let you in on a secret!
I wish this wasn’t true … but it is.

If you a getting a bargain basement price on reupholstery – there is probably a good reason. Many of my fellow upholsterers sell reupholstery – but all they do is recovering.

What do I mean?

Reupholstery, to me, means that you take off the old fabric and examine the internal structure of the piece. Often, to do a proper job will require tightening the springs and/or replacing the foam.

All too many upholsterers, simply put your new fabric on top of the old fabric and call that reupholstery. I call that recovering. It is not the same…

I recently had an interior designer come to my shop.  He had been working with another upholstery company in the area and heard about this practice. He went to the upholsterer who had just finished his most recent project and boldly took a box knife and cut open the cushion…

What he saw stunned and amazed him.  SIX LAYERS of fabric covered the worn and crumbling foam. The piece had been recovered five times – but never reupholstered.

I am happy to say that he packed up his project and brought it to Gamino Décor. He is now a happy customer.

We never take short cuts. We do the job right.

All the best,


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