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DIY- Elegant Roman Shades

DIY roman shades

Do you have windows in your home that look a little bare? If you would like to dress up your windows but do not want the look of long drapes or frilly curtains, roman shades may be the perfect solution!

Roman shades are a unique type of window treatment that stack up evenly when being opened. When closed, they become smooth for a tight, clean look on your window.

These shades are available in a variety of styles and colors. However, you can customize your own with the perfect color and print for your home with our modified DIY version!

Here is what you will need:
• Tape Measurer
• Fabric of your Choice – click here to explore our fabric collection perfect for window treatments
• Iron
• Heavy Duty Tape (no-sew tape that can be found at a craft store)
• Scissors
• Scrap Wood (or get a piece cut to the right size at your local hardwood store)
• White Duct Tape
• Pins
• Drill and Screws

Step 1: Prepare Fabric – First, measure your window and cut your fabric a bit larger. For example, if your measurement is 47’’ wide x 18’’ long, cut a rectangle of fabric that is 49’’ wide (account for an inch of hemming on sides) and 30’’ long (for the looping).
Step 2: Hem – Hem all four sides of your rectangle with no sewing required, just iron on your heavy duty craft tape.
Step 3: Cut Wood – Cut your wood measuring 1” x 2’’ to the width of the fabric so you can hang the shade (finished width should measure 47’’ wide).
Step 4: Wrap Fabric – Next, wrap scrap pieces of fabric around each end of the wood and secure with duct tape. This will cover the wood on the sides once hung.
Step 5: Attach Fabric – Roll the rectangle of fabric around the wood and secure it with tape (use tape on the back and bottom of wood so it’s not seen from the front).
Step 6: Create Roman Loops – You can either eyeball the measurements or use a ruler for precision. Create a 5’’ loop of fabric, and pin it in place from the back of the shade. Follow the same line across the back of the shade with pins. If you like the look of panels or rolls down the entire shade, use rows of pins to make folds about 5’’ apart all the way down. If you like straight roman shades, simply pin the bottom of the shade so that it appears to roll up.
Step 7: Hang – Predrill three holes in the wood to hang up with screws. Be sure not to drill through fabric. Drill the wood first, and then allow the fabric to drape over.

Voila! Adding texture and color to a window is simple, and can help tie together the entire room. Roman shades will make your windows appear taller, and can be a fresh alternative to standard window treatments.

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