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  1. Custom Wood TableDescribe the design you want
  2. Choose the style, wood type, & finish
  3. Decide on the firmness and feel
  4. Pick your favorite fabric
  5. Gamino Décor will make your dreams become reality!

Most people really don’t realize how easy it is to have what you’re looking for. I know so many people who go out furniture shopping and they return home disappointed because they have not found what they want in the right hue, the right pattern or the right dimensions. At Gamino Décor, this is where we specialize! I love it when someone has a photo of something they have seen but they haven’t been able to finish the sale for whatever reason. Trust us to help you! We have fabric in house as well as limitless choices for specialty order. We can build and design from just the idea stage or we can improve upon something you already constructed. No project has ever been too large or too small.

If you have had an idea swirling around in your head for some time, let us give you an online estimate for your project. I’m sure you will be overjoyed at the results. I guarantee it!

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