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Get Cozy with a Custom Reading Nook

Custom Reading Nook

Cooler weather is right around the corner and hot summer evenings are coming to a close. There’s no better time to think about creating a quiet, cozy place to crack open aFall  good book and enjoy every moment of fall into winter. Build your own custom reading corner filled with pillows, blankets, and light for a quick escape from your everyday life into a book with a reading nook. A custom reading nook is easy to design and make your own with just a few simple steps.

1. Find a space for your nook. A windowsill, awkward corner, or loft will make a perfect spot for your little space. Even a spot at the end of a hallway can be easily transformed. Can’t find the right wall to host a reading spot? Take a look in the backyard.

2. Figure out how you prefer to read and relax. Would you rather stretch your legs out, place your feet on the floor, or lay down completely? You’ll want comfortable seating that accommodates you for hours. Custom benches can be the perfect fit for windowsills or awkward corners; they fill the space and allow you to comfortably move around from sitting, to reclining, to laying. But, an upholstered reclining chair can also be a great option that lets you sit and lay as your heart desires. It all depends on how you like to relax.

3. Fill your space with pillows of all sizes. You’ll want big pillows to prop you up if you have a bench, and little ones to lean your book on if your arms need some help. Opt for relaxing colors like blue and green to give your nook a cozy, welcoming feeling. Small patterns and a variety of textures will also add interest to your space without making it look too busy.

5. Bring on the blankets. No reading nook is complete without a good blanket to wrap up in. Stick in the same color palette, but choose a fabric that you like to snuggle up with. Chenille, fleece, and flannel are all soft and warm options.

4. Turn on the light! Even if your space is by a big open window or outside, you’ll want some nighttime light. A standing lamp that’s easy to reach provides lots of light, but can take up valuable floor space. Try a fun hanging lamp or wall sconce that won’t take up floor space and adds a little bit of flair. Remember to pick a light bulb with a darker light or a dimmer to keep your eyes from getting exhausted too easily.

5. Heat up some tea, put on pajama pants, and grab your favorite book! This reading nook is ready to be broken in.

Bring your reading dreams to life with the help of Gamino Upholstery and Decor. Contact us to get started on creating a custom reading bench, cushions, cozy reclining chair, and the perfect pillows to go along with them.

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