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Classic Lines with Custom Style

Antique Blue Couch

Furniture becomes like family. You have a special place in your heart for grandpa’s old wingback chair where he sat every Sunday afternoon while watching the big game. Or you might have always admired the gorgeous antique loveseat that your grandma wouldn’t let you near. It was so delicate!

Well, now the pieces are yours. The problem is, grandpa’s wingback is broken down and burnt orange. Grandma’s loveseat’s fabric was beautiful at one time, but it’s so old, if anyone sat on it, the fabric and cushions would split right open.

You can make these pieces work in your home.

These sentimental pieces can still hold your memories while being used. Grandpa’s wingback needs some new cushions and structural fixes, along with more modern fabric to suit your style. And grandma’s sofa can really become something special with a classic fabric, like velvet, in a modern color.

Make your classic, or just plain ugly, furniture new again with a pop of custom flare.

If you have a classic piece you don’t want to part with, make it work in your home and give it new life with your custom style.

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