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Channeling English Gardens in Your Home

GardensEveryone can share admiration in the beauty of English gardens. They’re relaxing, tranquil, and make you feel one with nature. With winter right around the corner, now’s the time to bring that feeling inside. Channel that beauty in your home with a little bit of creativity and help from Gamino Décor.

Adding lots of greens and bright colors to your room will give it a calming feel. Try updating your favorite upholstered pieces to match your garden color scheme, or look into custom made furniture. Draping blankets and pillows with a floral print will help bring the room to life.

No garden themed room would be complete without greenery. Whether you like real or artificial plants, you can fill the room with lots of lively pieces. Mossy covered topiaries and trinkets will give the room a magical feeling that’s reminiscent of fairy tales. Also, incorporating wood pieces into your room will add to the natural look and flow of the decorations.

The most important piece in creating a garden themed room is to ensure that there is plenty of light. Lots of windows are ideal, but if not, invest in bright lamps that hang from the ceiling. Hanging lamps will add to the garden feel of the room and can also be decorated with floral and green accessories.

If you’re interested in creating a garden themed room, or creating a lush and green piece of furniture, contact Gamino Décor for a free estimate and help imagining a room filled with floral.

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