Floral Print

Bring Spring Into Your Home

Bring some Spring into your home with floral print decor. Floral prints are very trendy this year, and can bring a tremendous amount of cheerful energy to your room if introduced properly.

Floral prints should not just be placed into one specific category because there are endless variations of patterns, styles, and colors from which to choose. Just because one floral print did not work in your room or with your style does NOT mean that no floral print can work for you.

Here are some tips to help you get it right when decorating with floral fabric

Choose Your Scale
Floral print can be treated like any other pattern, and should be introduced in both large and small scales. If you are looking for a more modern feel, go for a large-scale floral print for your primary piece. To balance out the look of the room with a warmer, vintage feel – introduce one or two pieces with a small scale floral print.

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Animal Print Decor- How To Keep It Classy

As the rule goes in almost any decorating situation, use animal print in moderation. People often are afraid that introducing a leopard or zebra print to a room will suddenly transform it into a juvenile or gaudy style; however, animal print can be done tastefully. Animal print is a pattern just like any other, and can accent a room quite nicely.

Below are some of the do’s and don’ts when introducing animal print to your room:

If there are already a lot of patterns in the room, adding an animal print will only add chaos, not compliment. Be sure to always maintain visual balance in your room; if it looks too busy — it probably is. Introducing an animal print to the following pieces in a room would bring a fun and elegant flavor:

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Custom Bench

How To Mix And Match Without The Clash

A trend in home decor that is steadily on the rise is mixing fabrics and patterns. It is no longer fashionable to have a room filled with only one pattern, such as plaid. This new trend has opened up an entirely new space for creativity and artistic freedom, allowing you to display different styles and colors that all come together to form one extraordinary look.

However, for the non-Michelangelos of interior design, mixing different styles and colors can be very intimidating to attempt and challenging to master. Here are 5 tips to help you navigate through a successful design endeavor!

1. Keep Your Balance

The most important component to remember when designing a room with mixed patterns and fabrics is visual balance. Too much of one thing, or too many different things, are both situations you want to avoid when decorating.

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Bed Pillows Fabric

10 Do’s and Don’t’s of Coordinating Fabrics

Choosing the right combination of fabrics for a room is incredibly fun, but the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming. Each individual’s taste is different, and only you can choose the look you will love. But there are some guidelines to follow that will make the process easier. All you need is a starting point.

The three basic components of fabric coordination are color, pattern, and texture.

Depending on your choices, you could create a room that is sophisticated or rustic, funky or traditional, feminine or masculine, romantic or energetic. Here are some things to keep in mind.

DO mix solids and patterned fabrics to give a room dimension.

DON’T use all bright colors or all muted colors.

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Home Office

Create a home office filled with inspiration

Telecommuting is the way of the future, with more and more people moving to at home workers all the time. If you’re working from home or thinking about starting to work from home, check out these tips for creating a home office that inspires ideas and helps you stay focused on your work.

  1. Pick the right location- Don’t skimp on office space, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there. Pick a spare bedroom or large corner in your home to set up your home office, preferably by a window. Natural light will help you work more efficiently.
  2. Put away the clutter- Don’t let your desk get filled with unnecessary paperwork and decorations. A clean space will make you more comfortable in your office, and will keep you from shuffling around to find things. Invest in a filing system at home to help you stay organized and clean.
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Bright Colorful Fabrics

Classic or Contemporary, Fabric Gives Your Room Life.

Fabric communicates. Fabric has a mood. Fabric gives off a vibe.

This may sound crazy, but go into any room and see how it makes you feel. Think of your own living room with nothing in it. How would the room make you feel if it had a leather sofa and no drapes? How about if it had a softly patterned pastel sofa and flowing sheers on the window? Now picture your living room with a hot pink sofa and paneled chevron curtains. You have a different feeling with each of the fabrics used in the same room.

Fabrics’ colors and textures set the tone of your room. There are all kinds of great fabrics to choose from, and the classic patterns have a new and modern twist. What once was your grandmother’s toile has a new edge.

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Geometric Décor: Keep Your Balance

gudVibrant geometric prints are all the rage. Having a modern geometric print, whether it’s hexagons, diamonds, stripes, or the Greek key pattern, makes a statement.

How do you strike a balance? The geometric prints are bold, but you don’t want to go overboard. Pick out a favorite piece to reupholster in a geometric print or even use it for your window treatments, but balance it out with a more traditional companion piece. Balance can come in the form of a traditional mirror, side table, or sofa.

What are you waiting for? Get that traditional shaped wing back chair out of storage and reupholster it with a geometric print. Be unique and bold, yet balanced.

For more information about fabric choice and reupholstering your favorite pieces in a bold, yet balanced way, contact Gamino Upholstery & Décor.

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Beautiful Master Bedroom

Window Treatments that are Right for You

Window Treatments say a lot about a home and its style. When you’re beginning to think about window treatments for your home, there are a few things to consider.


Of course, fabric is the foundation of the drape, but the type of fabric sets the tone. If your new window treatments are in your bedroom, you may want a heavier fabric to block out the lights and sounds. If your window treatments are in a living area or den, you may want something more light and airy, think sheers or linen, since it’s where you spend your daylight hours.


The header is how you hang your window treatments. Yes, even the way you hang your curtains speaks to the formality of your room. A pleated header is a more formal style that adds a sense of luxury to your window treatments.

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Pet-friendly Fabrics

Dog on leather chairYou want your home to look its best, but you have a furry friend or two. Even with animals, you can make your furniture stand out and not look like it’s used as a fur collector.

Microfiber: This is a great fabric if you have cats. Since the fabric doesn’t have looped thread, a cat’s claws won’t catch. In addition, the fabric doesn’t attract hair and stains are easy to clean up.

Leather: This is wonderful for pets since it doesn’t attract hair. Most animals don’t prefer to lie on leather, but if your pets are climbers, be sure to watch their claws since leather can be punctured.

Contact Gamino Décor to learn how you can make your furniture beautiful and pet friendly.


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Pink Sofa

The Power of Cotton

Cotton is a very versatile fabric for your upholstery project. The weaving techniques used with cotton give it different looks from rustic to silky. Cotton takes to dyes well so the sky’s the limit on your color choices and it resists sun damage.

When upholstering with cotton, think of it like your favorite jeans. It’s comfy, it can take a lot of wear, and it cleans up easy. Cotton is a perfect choice for furniture you use on a daily basis.

Contact GAMINO Décor today to see how you can make a powerful impact with cotton on your next custom furniture project.

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