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Animal Print Decor- How To Keep It Classy

As the rule goes in almost any decorating situation, use animal print in moderation. People often are afraid that introducing a leopard or zebra print to a room will suddenly transform it into a juvenile or gaudy style; however, animal print can be done tastefully. Animal print is a pattern just like any other, and can accent a room quite nicely.

Below are some of the do’s and don’ts when introducing animal print to your room:

If there are already a lot of patterns in the room, adding an animal print will only add chaos, not compliment. Be sure to always maintain visual balance in your room; if it looks too busy — it probably is. Introducing an animal print to the following pieces in a room would bring a fun and elegant flavor:

– Accent Chair
– Accent Pillow
– Rug
– Blanket
– Ottoman
– Wall Decor

Even though animal print is not a bright color, it is very bold and eye catching. Therefore, do not decorate in access with animal prints, but rather use them in only one or two places in a room. If you want the focal point to be in the center of a room, an animal print rug or upholstered ottoman would be a good idea.

Just as we have been talking about mixing and matching patterns — if you have a room full of solids, use the animal print as your small or large pattern and keep it to a minimum.

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