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A Decor Diamond In the Rough


What if I were to tell you that your new dining room chairs could be lying within that pile of junk you have stored away in the attic?

Whether you want to save old furniture for sentimental purposes, or simply save some money on a new look, reupholstering furniture can turn drab to fab.

Let’s look into the three main benefits of reupholstering.

Whether it is an antique or a family heirloom, some furniture is meant to be preserved. Much of the furniture sold in modern retail stores tends to wear out much faster than old furniture. As the old saying goes, “They don’t make them like they used to!” Unlike the sturdy build of grandma’s solid oak framed sofa, today’s furniture is poorly constructed with cheaper materials. Reupholstery allows you to keep that quality piece of furniture, with a completely transformed look. When you reupholster, you are able to choose durable fabrics that are not only trendy, but that are made to last.

Cost Effective
No need to break your bank when the key to new furniture lies within your very own home. Instead of investing in entirely new furniture that is not built to last, why not update the quality peice of furniture that you already have? This will allow you to invest more in quality foam and fabrics used on reupholstery to ensure that your treasured piece of furniture and well-designed and well-protected.

Trends come and go. Lamps, rugs and wall paint are easy to interchange, but replacing furniture takes time and money. With reupholstering, you can always stay in style and customize the look of your furniture to whatever fits you.

Recycle. Re-create. REUPHOLSTER!

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