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5 Decor Tips of 2015

decor tips

Decorating your home should be fun! Take the monotony out of decorating by trying new tips and tricks to add excitement to your room.

Here are 5 decor tips of 2015 for you to explore.

1. Keep It Light
Light walls and light furniture open up a room and allow you throw splashes of accent colors. A light color acts as a canvas for you to switch up patterns and colors as your style changes.

2. Trade In Your Coffee Table
A new way to pull together a living room set and also act as a functional piece is an ottoman. Ottomans bring a modern look, and can range from classic leather to fun printed fabric. Because there is cushion to an ottoman, place a large, square serving tray on top of the ottoman for a sturdy surface and fill it with a few accent pieces.

3. Throw In More Pillows
A couch should never just have one set of pillows, throw several pairs of pillows on your couch with mixed and matched patterns, colors, and materials. This will give your couch more excitement and dimension.

4. Get Creative With Wallcovering
Put an exciting printed wallcovering on an accent wall to liven up a room. If you are tired of your boring sliding closet doors, cover the doors with a fresh wallcovering that accents the colors in the room.

5. Give It Gold
Gold is a very trendy color this year, and can add both elegance and warmth to a room. Use gold in accent pieces to complement your primary color for a rich and classic look.

If you feel like your decor is getting dull, it’s time to freshen it up. Explore your creative side and don’t be afraid to take chances with your style!

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