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4 Fall Trends in Stylish Window Treatments

Bedroom Curtains Design

A very simple way to change up the décor of your home or office is with new window treatments.

As interior decorating trends continue to focus on simplicity and minimalism, here are four things to consider when shopping for new shades or draperies.

1. Layering

Clean lines and consistent colors keep this look modern and stylish. One of the most popular layering techniques right now is pairing blinds in a natural fiber with pleated, floor-length drapes in the same color palette. Roman shades are also very popular at the moment, and layering a bold printed shade above a neutral shade gives this classic style a fresh twist.

2. Banding

Banding refers to a wide strip of fabric in a contrasting color or pattern that gives visual interest to plain drapes. Horizontal bands add width to a space, which is perfect for giving a narrow room the illusion of being larger. Vertical bands draw the eye upward, and can be used on floor-to-ceiling drapes to emphasize or add height to a room with dramatic effect.

3. Extra Wide

Large-scale windows are in vogue, and spaces that lack oversized windows can use extra wide drapes or shades to appear larger. Extending the window treatments an extra two feet or more on either side of the window frame will create a visually stunning focal point.

4. Sheer Fabrics

Today’s sheer fabrics are ideal for simple, contemporary spaces. Many sheer fabrics are iridescent or woven with subtle patterns that glow with natural light and make any room feel larger and cheerier. Sheer panels can be paired with colored drapes for interest, used alone, or made into beautiful shades in a variety of styles.

If you need some inspiration for choosing new window treatments, view our design catalog. GAMINO Upholstery & Décor can help you choose the perfect design and fabric for your project. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

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