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3 Signs it is Time to Reupholster

Leather Couch and Pillows

Sometimes the daily wear and tear on furniture goes unnoticed for years, but there comes a time when the truth can no longer be denied. The furniture you once loved is now an uncomfortable eyesore.

If your beloved sofa or favorite reading chair is starting to show its age, you don’t have to toss it out. Any piece with a well-made frame, whether antique or modern, can easily provide you with comfort and enjoyment for decades to come.

All it needs is a little TLC.

So how do you know it’s time to reupholster?

Sign #1 – The fabric is rough or worn out.

Normal daily use takes a toll on the fabric covering armrests, cushions, and footrests. After several years, abrasion often results in pilling, which makes the material feel rough and look shabby. Furniture in homes with pets and children is also prone to rips, tears, and stains. Put yourself in the place of a visitor and take a good look at your furniture. Is it still soft, clean, and inviting? If not, it’s time to reupholster.

Sign #2 – The cushions sag.

High quality cushions last a long time, but when they start to wear out, your back will probably notice before your eyes do. Don’t wait until they literally fall apart. If sitting is more uncomfortable than standing, it’s time to reupholster.

Sign #3 – The style is outdated.

Sometimes the only thing that’s wrong with your furniture is that it went out of style in 1999. Fixing this problem may be as simple as recovering it in a more modern or classic fabric. Or it may mean taking the whole thing apart and rebuilding it to match your new tastes. In any case, if the pink and blue floral print on your sofa is giving you a headache, it’s time to reupholster.

GAMINO Upholstery & Décor specializes in giving furniture a new lease on life with quality reupholstery.

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