Month: November 2015


3 Reasons To Lather Your Furniture With Leather

If you are looking to refresh your furniture but are not sure on the fabric, consider leather! Leather is classic, trendy, and can fit flawlessly in almost any home. We all know how sleek leather looks, but there are functional purposes to having leather furniture as well. 

  1. Leather doesn’t wear as easily as many fabrics, and it also keeps its shape without stretching for much longer.  This means you can enjoy your leather furniture longer without worrying about having to replace the upholstery. 
  2. Leather is more repellent of stains or rips, simply because it is a tougher material. If you enjoy actually living on your furniture, you appreciate surfaces that are easy to clean up because…well… accidents happen. 
  3. Lastly, leather comes in a variety of texture styles and colors that easily enhance the look of any room. From rich oranges and reds to the classic neutral and mute tones, leather brings a whole new edge to your style.
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