Month: September 2015


Why You Should Use Leather!

Leather is a wonderful material to use for furniture. Whether you plan on buying a new piece of furniture or reupholstering what you already have, leather has many benefits. First and foremost, high quality leather is extremely durable. Leather is timeless and always in style, and this natural fabric also provides strength and flexibility, two qualities that are very important for furniture in your home.

There are many different types of leather available in a variety of colors. The most important aspect you will need to consider when reupholstering or shopping for new furniture is the leather grain. Leather grain is the surface material that determines the quality and feel of the leather.

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hanging curtains

The Do’s and Don’ts When Hanging Curtains

Paying attention to your windows can make all the difference in world when it comes to creating a well-decorated home interior.  The curtains that adorn your windows can tie together the overall look and feel of the room.

However, your curtains’ ability to serve as compelling decor can be hindered by the inability to correctly put them on display.

So, how exactly can you ensure you are hanging your curtains in a way that creates a more dynamic interior?  Follow these tips to help enhance your room and create harmony with your decor:

  1. Raise the rod
    One of the most common mistakes that diminish the appearance of the room are curtain rods that are placed too low.  If the curtain rode is placed just below the window frame, it creates a lot of space between the ceiling and window- making the area stand out in a negative way.  Instead, lift the curtain rod higher, placing it closer to the ceiling.  This lifts peoples’ gazes and makes the ceiling appear higher and the room larger.

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