Month: July 2015

decor tips

5 Decor Tips of 2015

Decorating your home should be fun! Take the monotony out of decorating by trying new tips and tricks to add excitement to your room.

Here are 5 decor tips of 2015 for you to explore.

1. Keep It Light
Light walls and light furniture open up a room and allow you throw splashes of accent colors. A light color acts as a canvas for you to switch up patterns and colors as your style changes.

2. Trade In Your Coffee Table
A new way to pull together a living room set and also act as a functional piece is an ottoman. Ottomans bring a modern look, and can range from classic leather to fun printed fabric. Because there is cushion to an ottoman, place a large, square serving tray on top of the ottoman for a sturdy surface and fill it with a few accent pieces.

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wall decor

Walls that Wow

Are your walls in need of inspiration, boldness, and style? A boring wall can turn a room into a dry and dull environment. Replace tired interior with color, dimension, and texture. If your walls are in need of a refresh, banish boring walls with these three simple steps.

Frame It

Transform your walls into a work of art by framing your wallpaper. This is a great way to break up a monochromatic background. Create a versatile look for your walls by incorporating a variety of complementing patterns.

Paint It

Show off your creativity with dimensional paint treatments. Accent your walls with stencils for a trendy or classic design. Add glamour and texture with metallic and chalkboard paint or try an ombré effect for an unconventional appeal.

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upholstery cleaning

DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Working on an upholstery project can be fun and make a big difference in a room. However, like all things, common household wear and tear can leave your furniture looking dirty and dull. Rather than paying someone else to professionally clean your upholstery, consider tackling the job yourself!

Cleaning upholstery is part of regular household cleaning and maintenance. Before you begin cleaning your couches and chairs, be sure to perform these pre-cleaning steps to create an overall easier experience.

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The Magic Of Metal In Your Decor

Using metallic colors is a fun and different way to decorate your space. All metallic colors are neutral, so when it comes to mixing, you can make it work! Mixing metals creates an industrial look while still leaving you the ability to create a warm feel with fabrics and colors.  

While many designers once considered mixing metals a no-go, things have drastically changed within recent years. Why choose to mix metals? It creates a sense of richness and character.

Mixing metals also creates a sense of depth to a room. Using one metal throughout a room can cause the space to fall flat. So how do you successfully mix metals to make the colors in your room complement one another? Follow these tips to create a one of a kind space!

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signature style

What’s Your Signature Style?

Like many people, you may have what you call your signature style. Your “look” is displayed through your jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc. Having a signature style for your home is also something that is quite attainable! Regardless of the size of your space, you have the opportunity to express who you are, what you love, and how you live in many ways.

A signature style does not mean you are limited to only one color or pattern, it simply means a signature expression through décor that captures and portrays your style. Your signature style can be expressed with any of the following in your home:

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