Month: June 2015

DIY Wallpaper Embellishment Projects

Using wallpaper can go beyond the traditional way of covering blank walls in your home. From sprucing up pieces of furniture, to enhancing elements of your décor, there are many creative ways to do so with wallpaper.

Try some of these simple ways to embellish your home with wallpaper.

  • Enhance Dresser Drawers – Using wallpaper to enhance the interior sides of dresser drawers is a fun way to decorate an older piece of furniture. Start by removing the drawers from a dresser and measure the sides. Draw rectangles of that size on the back of your wallpaper. Cut the wallpaper and glue it to the sides of the drawers using wallpaper paste. You can use a plastic wallpaper smoother to remove any bubbles or ripples. Allow the paste to dry, put the drawers back, and there you have it!
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small room decor

Small-Space Solutions for Your Home

If you live in an apartment or townhome, it may not contain your ideal square footage. However, there are plenty of tips to trick the eye into thinking your space is larger than it actually is. While working with small rooms, making the most of your space is all about creativity.

To avoid the high cost and stress of remodeling, consider these tips to maximize space and make your home inviting.

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duvet cover

DIY Duvet Cover

Elegant duvet covers can transform the look of a bedroom, and make it easy to clean your bedding in your own washer. With so many options on the market, choosing a duvet that meets your personal needs while coordinating with your bedroom can become overwhelming. In addition, the price of duvets can easily stretch your budget.

Designing your duvet cover allows you to be as creative as you’d like, and is an alternative to replacing your entire bedding set! By creating your own duvet cover, you can choose the style, color, and fabric to give your bedroom a personal touch.

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Inside Story On Upholstery

So what really goes on in your upholstery? It is important to get the inside story so that you can be sure that you are getting what you pay for when you reupholster!

While many upholsterers simply put the new fabric OVER your old fabric, Gamino Decor will actually strip your furniture of all fabric and inside foam and REPLACE everything with quality materials and the fabric of your choice. So instead of a “quick fix”, we assure a total inside-out transformation.

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Window treatments

Window Treatments That Fit Your Style

With endless options to choose from, finding the perfect window treatments for your home can be tricky. Sheer fabric or blinds? Large velvet drapes or shutters? When deciding on window treatments, it is easy to choose based on the color or print of the window treatments. However, your priority when choosing window treatments should first be deciding whether you need privacy, light or both. After that is decided on, it is easy to find a stylish choice in whatever window treatment type works for you.

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