Month: March 2015


The Magic Of Slipcovers

If you want to transform the look of your furniture, but do not want to commit to new upholstery, custom slipcovers may be the perfect solution!

Custom slipcovers allow you to freshen up your old furniture with a completely new look so that you can keep your decor trendy as styles change while using the same piece of furniture.

Generic slipcovers will not fit your furniture well and will constantly need to be adjusted and tucked in. However, a custom slipcover will perfectly fit your piece of furniture with all of the elegance and tailored lines of upscale upholstery.

From patterns to solids, cotton to silk, custom slipcovers allow you to create the illusion of an entirely new look, despite what is underneath. Slipcovers also make it easy to keep your furniture clean.

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