Month: September 2014

Channeling English Gardens in Your Home

GardensEveryone can share admiration in the beauty of English gardens. They’re relaxing, tranquil, and make you feel one with nature. With winter right around the corner, now’s the time to bring that feeling inside. Channel that beauty in your home with a little bit of creativity and help from Gamino Décor.

Adding lots of greens and bright colors to your room will give it a calming feel. Try updating your favorite upholstered pieces to match your garden color scheme, or look into custom made furniture. Draping blankets and pillows with a floral print will help bring the room to life.

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Fall Pumpkins Design

Fall into Natural Décor

Oranges, yellows, reds, and everything pumpkin is right around the corner. Is your home ready for the season? With all of the beautiful colors in nature right now, it’s a perfect time to bring some of those natural elements into your home. Here are my favorite tips for getting your home fall ready.

  1. Sugar pumpkins and gourds– These fall fruits make great table decorations or accents on the mantel. Sugar pumpkins are the little ones that can be cute on their own, or look elegant painted white. You can pick some up at a local farmer’s market, or just stop by the farm itself! Adding a few candles in with your arrangement will make it look soft and seasonal.
  2. Leaves all around- Colorful leaves can add some spice to a room when sitting in a bowl, candle holder, or just spread out on the table. Real leaves will dry out and crumble easily, so for a cleaner and longer lasting look, try silk leaves from a craft store.
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Transform a Room with Window Treatments

Window treatments can do more for a room than you ever thought possible. They can create the illusion of a big open space, or turn a bright room into a cozy and cool retreat. No matter what sort of space you’re trying to create, Gamino Window Treatments can help you find the best fabrics and styles for your room. Check out some of my favorite window treatment effects below.

–  Wide open windows: Window treatments that hang from the top of the room to the floor will make windows look bigger and brighter while simultaneously making the room look taller. It’s a great way to open up a small room.

Custom Window Treatements

–  Hideaway storage space: Built in shelves are so helpful, but not always pleasing to the eye. They can make a neat room look immediately cluttered and small. Putting window treatments in front of storage space can give the illusion of a hidden window, as opposed to letting your messy items pour all over the room.

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Upholstery with a Twist

Break out of the everyday upholstery box! While standard chairs and couches are great, there are so many other unique ways to decorate your space with adventurous and unusual upholstery pieces.  Check out a few of my favorite ideas for creating a unique space with one-of-a-kind custom upholstered pieces.

–  Mixed and matched fabrics– Who says your chair can’t have a panel of a different fabric? Nobody at GAMINO! Try blending some of your favorites to create a unique look for your living room. It’ll add a whole new dimension to your room.


–  Beyond couches and chairs– We’ve all been at the crossroads of loving an item, but not sure what to do with it. You’d be surprised what can be upholstered and turned into a fun chair, ottoman, or stool. A barrel or an old trunk can be transformed into a unique piece for your favorite room.

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Custom Reading Nook

Get Cozy with a Custom Reading Nook

Cooler weather is right around the corner and hot summer evenings are coming to a close. There’s no better time to think about creating a quiet, cozy place to crack open aFall  good book and enjoy every moment of fall into winter. Build your own custom reading corner filled with pillows, blankets, and light for a quick escape from your everyday life into a book with a reading nook. A custom reading nook is easy to design and make your own with just a few simple steps.

1. Find a space for your nook. A windowsill, awkward corner, or loft will make a perfect spot for your little space. Even a spot at the end of a hallway can be easily transformed. Can’t find the right wall to host a reading spot? Take a look in the backyard.

2. Figure out how you prefer to read and relax. Would you rather stretch your legs out, place your feet on the floor, or lay down completely?

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