Month: June 2014

Loving Your Decor

3 Easy Steps to Loving Your Décor

You look around your home, and it looks loved. It is a great feeling to have a home that is well-loved, but when your home starts to look tired, it’s time to consider what you can do to make it look fresh and new.

The smallest things can make a huge difference when it comes to perking up your décor. Let’s take a look.

1. Update Your Window Treatments: As with fashion, window treatment styles come and go. And, more so than the style of the window treatments, is the fabric that is used. For a look that will last through the trends, choose a high-quality neutral fabric. Save the trends for more easily updated pieces such as pillows, runners, and throws.

2. Upgrade Your Crushed Cushions: A sure sign of a well-loved couch is its crushed cushions. If your fabric still looks great, new foam cushions will make it look like a brand new piece.

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Create Your Custom Summer Entertaining Space

Summer entertaining involves great food, drink, and friends, but it also requires a great outdoor space. Are you using your outdoor space to its fullest potential? We think you’d be surprised at what a few custom pieces will do to transform your patio, pool, and yard.

Whether you have a fire pit or a fire place, create a seating arrangement that allows your friends to enjoy the fire, yet have a lovely conversation with all your guests. And if you plan to use the pool, make it more enjoyable with custom and comfortable chairs and benches.

Let GAMINO help you transform your summer entertaining space. Contact us for a FREE estimate.

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Bright Colorful Fabrics

Classic or Contemporary, Fabric Gives Your Room Life.

Fabric communicates. Fabric has a mood. Fabric gives off a vibe.

This may sound crazy, but go into any room and see how it makes you feel. Think of your own living room with nothing in it. How would the room make you feel if it had a leather sofa and no drapes? How about if it had a softly patterned pastel sofa and flowing sheers on the window? Now picture your living room with a hot pink sofa and paneled chevron curtains. You have a different feeling with each of the fabrics used in the same room.

Fabrics’ colors and textures set the tone of your room. There are all kinds of great fabrics to choose from, and the classic patterns have a new and modern twist. What once was your grandmother’s toile has a new edge.

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