Month: February 2013

What do Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Furniture and Upholstery have in Common?

Did you ever notice how one thing tends to lead to another?

Years ago I used to sell antiques.
Often, the antiques I found needed to be reupholstered.
The problem was I had difficulty finding someone to reupholster the pieces to my standards …

So, I decided to study upholstery.
I apprenticed and worked hard.
I practiced on my own antiques until the furniture started coming out the way I liked it.

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Hat Boxes and Upholstery

Hat boxes can be used for more than just hats, and they can be a lot of fun as well!  I am just realizing that decorating hat boxes is a lot like beginning upholstery work. I can use random trims, buttons and fabric scraps to make wonderful decorative pieces to compliment almost any room. And they are great for keeping things organized!

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