Month: September 2012


With this post, I want to encourage you to try bold colors and rich textures and you will see a dramatic difference in the end result of your reupholstered piece. Let your furniture become a conversation piece like never before! My suggestions would be to use vibrant hue color combinations, custom leather trim, finishing with nail heads, tassels, lace overlays, and consider using elegant satin or bright silk materials.

Striped Red Couch

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How many of you have a favorite recliner? Aren’t they great for reading, hand crafts like knitting and crocheting, and even the afternoon siesta. Of course they are also perfect for watching television and relaxing with family, friends and pets.  Often times the living room armchair will bring back memories of loved ones and can be the piece of furniture that is the hardest to part with. Don’t worry. This is the perfect item to reupholster!

Gamino Upholstery & Décor will make your recliner better than new! So before you head out to buy new furniture, allow us to bring y it back to life again, made with YOUR exact fabric and finish preferences! At Gamino Décor, you will always get the most for your money and the highest quality product.

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Perfectly Stuffed

People are always surprised when I tell them I can provide custom bed pillows! Not just the upholstered pillows used for decoration but I mean the pillows to lay your head on at night (or during a good movie).

Having the right pillow is the most significant factor in getting a good night’s sleep. We can custom design pillows to your specifications. Our pillows can be filled with down, feathers, foam, or a combination – it is up to you.

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