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10 Do’s and Don’t’s of Coordinating Fabrics

Bed Pillows Fabric

Choosing the right combination of fabrics for a room is incredibly fun, but the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming. Each individual’s taste is different, and only you can choose the look you will love. But there are some guidelines to follow that will make the process easier. All you need is a starting point.

The three basic components of fabric coordination are color, pattern, and texture.

Depending on your choices, you could create a room that is sophisticated or rustic, funky or traditional, feminine or masculine, romantic or energetic. Here are some things to keep in mind.

DO mix solids and patterned fabrics to give a room dimension.

DON’T use all bright colors or all muted colors.

DO choose one unifying color to tie patterns together.

DON’T use more than one large floral pattern in a room.

DO match the scale of the pattern to the size of the item it covers.

DON’T use patterns that are all the same size.

DO mix curvy and linear patterns, such as floral and plaid.

DON’T mix whites with different undertones.

DO combine different textures.

DON’T forget to balance a warm palette with cool accents, and vice versa.

Now comes the fun part… start shopping!

Gamino Décor has hundreds of fabrics for you to choose from for your  decorating needs. Whether you want new pillows or cushions to go with your existing décor, dramatic new window treatments, or to reupholster your whole living room, our high-quality fabric selection is waiting for you.

Visit our Burbank showroom or contact us with a description of your project for a quote.

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